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Project flow for print design

Project flows are great for having an outline of how you’re going to develop and execute your content. I’ve put together several project flows that I believe will help you figure out what you need for your project. I’m also including a key so that you may know what kinds of tasks are defined within each part of the project flow.  

Concept: This is where you brainstorm. It doesn’t matter what tools you use for this, only that you map out what you want to see, and how you want things to look and feel. Your project concept defines the success of your project and is essential to creating a complete and defined idea. 

Content Creation:  Once your concept is defined, you can begin creating the content for your project. You should keep in mind that the size of your print us determined by the number of words you require. Also, the relevancy of your words in comparison to the graphics of the promotional flyer is also extremely important. The human brain notices these errors if made, even on an unconscious level. 

Assessment: Assessment is key in determining errors made on your own and making sure the message you’re trying to convey comes across clearly. All the key points of marketing should apply, including call to actions, incentives and more. 

Send to Designer: After these first steps are made, you are now ready to send your content to the designer with your concept thought out completely and you content relevant and to the point. If more information is needed, the designer will contact you and any thing gained from then can be added. 

Review: Once your design has been sent to you for review, be sure to take notes on what you feel is missing and have constructive criticism when addressing a feature or aspect you don’t like. If you’re open and respectful about your opinion, a simple conversation is usually enough to resolve the issue and provide you with an outcome you desire. 

Project Flows for Print Design

Flyer Project Flow: Create Concept > Create Content > Send to Designer > Review For Print

CD Insert / Cover Project Flow: Create Concept > Create Cover Content > Create Track List > Send to Designer > Review for Print

Single Treatment Project Flow: Create Concept > Create Content > Send to Designer > Review For Print

Brochure Project Flow: Create Concept > Create Content > Assess Number of Pages Needed > Send to Designer > Review For Print


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