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Powerful Connections

Apps today have a massive space in our lives. We go through apps to find the latest news, where to eat, what's happening where you live and we even use them for dating.

Apps are especially becoming relevant in the workspace. Apps like Slack are taking over communications by storm with easy access, smart user experience, and billed as a way to limit email. These apps are making us more productive, or, at least makes us think we are.

Truth is, no tool what so ever takes the "work" out of working. But, you can make things easier on yourself. Over the past two years, I've been working on ways to be more productive in my everyday life and more focused when completing projects.

I did a head first dive into the world of project management and CRM's and came out of the hole with a phone with no more space for apps and things spread across so many apps I couldn't tell which I was using for what; and for what it's worth, I wasn't any more efficient. I had the digital equivalent of an office with thousands of loose leaf pieces of paper strewn about and manila folders taped to walls.

A few weeks went by and I was still in my digital disorganization. I came across an article about the automation app on OSX. It got me thinking, or hoping rather, that I could automated some things in my workflow to become more organized and effective. In this search, I found two apps. IFTTT and Zapier.

The powerful connections apps can forge with each other creates a lot of potential for your workflow. I personally use two automators, IFTTT and Zapier. I use IFTTT for simple connections that don't require many conditions. IFTTT recipes are easy to set up and there are thousands of choices and options. Or you can just make your own.

Some integrations require a little more technical knowhow than others but once you've got the general idea of how the app works; things become clearer and easier. For the more specific and complicated automations / workflows, I use Zapier.

Essentially, Zapier and IFTTT are the same thing. Connecting apps to function together in ways that benefit you. Zapier however seems to provide you with a more in depth way to control what does what and when and how much information I can move between apps.

When used together, I can definitely see a major improvement in my productivity. I plan on making more Zaps and Applets very soon and I believe combined with one of my new favorite apps, Airtable, I'll have a workflow I'll consider close to perfect.


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