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Never pay more than this for a website

Pricing for the web is entirely different than print design. The price pr hour model works well with web design, and this is because of simplicity. A novice web designer can only charge so much per hour. Lets say $15 per hour. On the other end of the spectrum however are full stack developer/designers who can command anywhere from $50 - $100 per hour. 

This price model can be tough for smaller businesses who need the experience of a full stack developer but dont have the budget to acquire one. This is the position most small to medium sized businesses find themselves in a world more and more internet dependent. 

If you have a decent sized budget, $1000 - $2500, you can estimate your per hour cost with a simple equation.1 page = 4 hours x Price/per hour. This is all based on you having your content already written out.

I personally prefer the milestone method. This process starts by taking the time to fully understand the needs your business has for a website. I then take the 10 years of experience doing web work to determine what I think is a fair price based on the amount of work required, thus leaving the client to decide if the need my services or not. 

An example of this is as follows. A fair standard setup fee is anywhere between $75 and $150 depending on your requirements; a CMS or custom setup. This would be considered Milestone 1. 

Milestone 2 would be determined by completing a general request for website content. This includes defining a color scheme, determining sub-page layout, and adding beta features. This should give you a good idea of how things will look when your content is added. Think hard at this point, keeping in mind any changes or additions you have because they should be added at this time. 

The third milestone you should start seeing your content present in all areas of your website. A savvy designer/developer will be adding SEO components and features to your project at this point. Your finished project is near.

The final milestone represents a complete website project. You should do a final review of your content, verify that all your link are working. You should prepare yourself for training whether or not you've paid for maintenance or not. You should always accept this information because it is essential to your success. 

The total sum of a project truly depends on the number of pages and the complexity of features. But in general terms, 1-10 page website costs between $350 and $600. 


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